I will keep my introduction very crisp and explain more on the website!
I am a practicing arbitrator in family issues in Melbourne, Australia. Since, I am from Belgium, Young Arbitrators Belgium! A little bit of the country I was born!
The idea of starting a web site is long lurking in my mind, as I witnessed so many cases and drew experiences from them in my practice. Talking to my fellow practitioners in alternative dispute resolution services, I felt compelled to share our learnings.
This website, will mainly have topics revolving around how peacefully you can resolve your family issues between partners, regarding children, arranging care for your dependents, etc. All these without going to court, hiring a family lawyer to represent you, or juggling with your personal life and court hearings.
Arbitration, mediation, collaboration, negotiation are types of ADR.
Addressing the sensitive relationship issues require special skill set, like sensitivity, reading between the lines, analytical but not shrewd, soft but steady communication with parties, professional and maintain trust. These qualities may sound obvious but enacting all of them together to reach a practical solution is indeed a task!
I have tried sharing my experiences and others from the domain. Hope it helps someone in need.